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1233Scraper 03/07/2012Consolation Prize
1323Bamboo Basket 16/09/2015Special Prize
1332Blow Pipe For Starting Fire In Stove 04/07/2015Special Prize
2133Animal Trainer Killed By Animal 07/02/2016Consolation Prize
2313Bathroom Scale 02/03/2016Consolation Prize
2331Coconut Flesh 08/05/2016Consolation Prize
3123Letter Opener 18/09/2013Special Prize
3132Collecting Sea Shells 10/11/2013Third Prize
3213Butterfly Net 02/12/2015Consolation Prize
3231Electric Organ 16/11/2016Special Prize
3312House On Fire 05/01/2013Consolation Prize
3321Forklift 25/04/2012Special Prize