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1344Hell Money (Silver) For The Dead 26/03/2016Special Prize
1434Twisted Spring 14/05/2016Consolation Prize
1443Jeans 05/09/2015Special Prize
3144US Dollar 13/08/2014Special Prize
3414Football Field 22/04/2015Special Prize
3441Trishaw Race 09/04/2016Consolation Prize
4134Suria KLCC 28/02/2016Consolation Prize
4143Bombing 15/06/2013Consolation Prize
4314Earl Grey Tea 20/03/2016Special Prize
4341Economy 02/06/2013Third Prize
4413Tumbler Used By Soldier 07/01/2017Consolation Prize
4431Facsimile Machine 27/11/2012Consolation Prize